Tones more of monetization opportunities from Meta

6-figures from a food blog in just one year

Hey, guys! This is me, Natalia, a.k.a. Chef Rudakova.

This week we’ve been working on more SEO stuff. I’ve read numerous articles and watched tens of hours of tutorials, and spend even more time on testing out different SEO tools.

To cut the long story short, get yourself ready! We’re working on series of new projects, involving written and video content.

Hopefully, sometime next week, I’ll be able to introduce the first one to you already 🤞 So exciting 🤩

Also… here’s a question to you, guys: I’ve been receiving comments lately on my YouTube videos and IG asking for a book.

If I was to publish a cookbook, would it be interesting for you?

What topics would you want me to cover in the book?

I presume molecular gastronomy… but what specifically? Ingredient breakdowns? Recipes? 🤔 Let me know!

Ok, let’s get back to business.

Your favourite hospitality industry & social media digest is here!

Let’s get to The Weekly Snack 😉

Top Stories:

  • Netflix is going offline with the best of the best culinary creations.

  • Air Fryer in, Instant Pot out.

  • Tones more of monetization opportunities from Meta, YouTube and Twitter.

  • Tips on personal brand building.

  • 6-figures from a food blog in just one year.


Industry News Digest

🍽️ Netflix is going offline with “Netflix Bites” a pop-up restaurant in LA featuring dishes & drinks from celebrity Chefs & Mixologists from your favorite Netflix culinary shows: Dominique Crenn (Chef’s Table, Iron Chef), Curtis Stone (Iron Chef), Rodney Scott (Chef’s Table), Ann Kim (Chef’s Table), Frankie Solarik (Drink Masters), and many more.

30th of June - save the date ✌🏻

💸 Air Fryer in, Instant Pot out. The company behind Instant Pot files for bankruptcy. So stock up on your Instant Pots guys, there may soon be no more.

👩‍🍳 A TikToker, culinary influencer and a Chef, Tue Nguye is opening her first IRL restaurant Di Di together with The h.wood Group.

🏆 Great Wrap, compostable cling wrap made from potato waste and a TikToker, Joanne Lee Molinaro, better known as “The Korean Vegan” are named 2023 Food & Wine Game Changers

🛳️ Want to get a chance to spend an afternoon and cook with Franco Pepe, the famous Italian Pizzaiolo, featured in Netflix Chef’s Table? Check out Silversea Cruises S.A.L.T. program.

🍕 Speaking about pizza, Ninja had just opened up pre-orders for its another market disrupting culinary device: an affordable pizza oven, Ninja Woodfire™ Outdoor Oven.

Social Media News Digest

🎥 Patreon releases a native video feature.

💬 Broadcast Channels are now available to all Instagram creators.

🤑 YouTube monetization requirements just got much lower, only 500 subs and 3k watch hours (or 3M shorts views), in comparison to prior 1,000 subs and 4k watch hours.

💰 Meta announced a bunch of new or improved features to help creators increase engagement in Facebook and get monetary incentivized better:

🎵 Music comes to Instagram Notes,… which no one seems to use anyway…

💸 Creators on Twitter maybe finally will get a chance to monetize their writing.

👩‍💻 YouTubers can now repurpose and edit their long-format video content to #Shorts much faster, straight from the platform.

📲 Instagram Creator Accounts will now have more options how and through which app they want to manage their Instagram content.

Resources for Digital Food Creators

😎 A simple framework to building a personal brand online.

🥷 How to ethically steal content ideas in 3 steps.

📚 Are you a UGC creator and want brands to find you faster? Reverse engineer this.

🕸️ KeySearch - another great tool for your SEO research.

Creator Spotlight

Irene Volpe

Personal Chef, food content creator, the finalist of MasterChef Italy 2021.

After MasterChef, Irene decided to continue pursuing her culinary journey and train in real kitchens of the three-starred Chef Enrico Bartolini at the Mudec, and later in 2022 as personal chef of Marco Bizzarri, CEO of Gucci, in Milan.

If you love fun and colorful Italian food, check out Irene’s Instagram. It’s just a spark of sunshine whenever you’re in need of one.

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Video of the week

A little bit on the architecture and design. Restaurants are not just about food, its an all-encompassing experience.

Success Story

Casey Rooney from Get On My Plate

Casey had started her food blog in 2021 and in 2022 she had already made a 6-figure income from it.

Casey doesn’t like social media and puts almost no effort into promoting her food content through them. However, she utilizes Google Web Stories and focuses her growth strategy towards serious SEO.

What I’m Watching Right Now

And that’s it for this week!

Let me know (you can reply right back to this email) if you like this issue of The Weekly Snack.

What did you like, what you didn’t and what topics you’d like to have covered more/less of?

Have a good one! 🫶

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